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Interactive Map Example

Create amazing interactive maps.

Engage your audience with a beautiful experience that they can explore.


Why use an interactive map?


Engagement. Research shows that promoting interaction with your website encourages customers to focus their thoughts and learn more about the content they are absorbing - much the same way that video Gaming encourages a player to focus on their virtual environment.

They are also fun to use!


Mobile first! 47% of traffic comes from a smartphone or tablet.

All stomp maps are designed to be used on any device from mobile to Desktop.


Analysis. Stomp maps provide detailed data analysis reporting on the interactive features that are of the most interest to your users.

Data monitoring allows your marketing and sales teams to make informed decisions on what is of most interest!


How do i get a map?


See a demo map.

Explore our interactive map

Simple interactive Map - Camping Site

Gallery coming soon!


Can I make changes to a map after it has been finished?

Yes you can make changes to your map at any time. Add new content or remove old!

What do I do if I don't have a good base image or photo?

Go ahead and be creative and make your own with our image editor! Alternatively we are able to provide custom graphics, be it 3D or illustration for custom projects - let's talk.

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